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Elena, 31 años


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Tu tipo de actividad:
Soy madrugador/a (me gusta levantarme temprano

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Inglés 4(intermedio)
Ruso 5(fluído)
Ucraniano 5(fluído)
Español 1(Básico)

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Quiero tener hijos:

Tus prioridades en la vida:
Familia, relación a largo plazo
Equilibrio mental

¿Qué religión profesa?:
Espiritual pero no religioso

Estilo de vida

¿Te gusta la jardinería?:
Me encanta la jardinería
¿Te gusta ir a comprar la comida?:
Me gusta mucho
¿Cuánto disfrutas de otros clases de compras?:
Nací para hecerlo
¿Te gusta cocinar?:
Realmente me gusta cocinar
¿Te gusta salir?:
3-4 veces por semana
¿ Te gusta cenar fuera?:
Lo disfruto
En relación a la TV:
La enciendo para ver las Noticias
En relación al dinero:
Gasto una parte y ahorro otra
En una fiesta me describiría como:
Eso depende ¿estoy invitado?
Mantengo mi espacio:
No es perfecto pero se aproxima
Mascotas y yo:


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Tipo de cuerpo:

Frecuencia con que fuma:

Frecuencia con la que bebe:
Ocasionalmente (socialmente)



Responda algunas preguntas

¿Cómo te describes?
Non smoker-non drinker, I don't like parties or clubs. I'm not interested in fashion bags and don't cry if I don't have the latest model of iphone. I believe this world has much more to offer than these empty trinkets. I prefer cosy evenings at home or in a good company, I enjoy nice and interesting conversations. I have different hobbies and interests in life from photography and video edition to fx trading, also enjoy watching movies, documentaries and even football, also I like poker, billards and lots of other things.

For those who keen on horoscopes I can add that I'm mix of Aries and Tiger by horoscope I guess it explains my zest to life and everything new, my stubborn yet genuine temper. I'm romantic but at the same time pragmatic girl. I don't like compromises in relationship so I always choose to be alone than with the wrong person. I sincerely want to find a real love. Chemistry, connection on physical and mental levels are must for me.

That's a little about me. And if you're interested, don't hesitate to contact me.
¿Cómo describirías a tu pareja ideal?
I would say the best description of man is comparsion between what he promised and what he did in fact, so ideal man for me is one who keeps his word, a man of action. I would be happy to give a chance to intelligent masculine man who is loyal, reliable and caring. I want he to be passionate about life and of course having me in his life. He is same adventurous, loves to explore new places and willing to try new things, stays fit and knows how to be a gentleman.
¿ El último libro que leíste?
always tryin to read as much as possible and mostly non-fiction
¿Qué cualidades te disgustan más en la gente de tu sexo?
it's not gender qualites but in general about people I don't like stupidity, arrogance and dishonesty
Mi comida favorita
lately vegan
Mis películas favoritas
among my favourites are In persuit of happiness, The thomas Crown Affair, The intouchables, Billions, Mentalist, Walking Dead, Dexter, Elementary, Dr. Hoouse and others. I enjoy long cosy evenings with my beloved watching movies
¿ Qué trabajo desearía tener?
to dream about job? for me it even sounds weird))
I dream to not work any single day in my life, that's what I dream about) life is too beautiful and interesting to spend it for any kind of slavery )) I want to be free and feel freedom to do what I want, to travel, to study, to practice my skills in different hobbies
¿ En qué lugar le gustaría vivir?
preferably in warm country, spain, uae, or smth else
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